Health & Productivity Management

Health & Productivity Management

Health & Productivity Management Initiatives Konoike Transport will promote health and productivity management in accordance with the following declaration.

Health & Productivity Management Declaration

Our company's corporate philosophy is "We pursue innovation at the foundations of our society that creates unique value, driven by respect for humanity and relationships of trust" and we take this as “Our Mission”.
In order to put this philosophy into practice, we will develop systematic health maintenance and improvement activities and implement various measures to promote health.
We hereby declare that we will take a proactive approach to health and productivity management so that each and every employee can achieve happiness by being mentally and physically healthy and radiant.

February 1, 2023

Representative Director, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Konoike Transport has been selected as a Kenko Investment Health outstanding organization 2024.

Health & Productivity Management

Promotion Structure

Promotion Organization

Management issues that we wish to solve

  • We will actively promote the maintenance and promotion of employees' mental and physical health to improve their performance.
  • We aim to maintain stable human resources and improve retention rates through various measures, including promotion of employees’ work-life balance.

Key measures (investment in health)

(A) Health of “the body”

(a) Improvement of the ratios of periodical health checks and specific health guidance received

We will encourage each and every employee to have periodical health checks and at the appropriate age, a thorough health checks, which will serve as a basis for an accurate understanding of their own health.
We will also provide other specific health guidance based on the results health checks , with opportunities for employees to review their exercise habits and lifestyle, such as their diet and smoking, and help employees recognize that these are issues that need to be addressed independently.

(b) Implementation of stop smoking support programs

Smoking is a health issue that goes beyond individual preferences and thus is an important issue in preventing lifestyle-related diseases. We will work to reduce the ratio of smokers among our employees with a medium- to long-term vision by utilizing the smoking cessation treatment covered by our health insurance association and taking other measures..

(B) Health of “the mind”

(a) Promotion of stress checks

In order to more actively maintain and promote mental health in the workplace, we will reduce the risk of mental health disorders in individuals, and work towards advance prevention of employees developing mental health disorders by analyzing test results collectively to improve the work environment.

(b) Holding regular performance of mental health training

We will conduct training focused on self-care, management care and harassment to help our employees learn how to deal with mental health, how to create a workplace culture that prevents discord, and how to communicate among employees.

(C) Measures to improve health literacy

(a) Increase the percentage of employees with proper lifestyle habits

We aim to maintain and improve physical and mental health. To do so, we not only share health-related information and knowledge but also establish various measures to improve health literacy to ensure every employee is aware of how to collect information based on their own health condition practically.

(D) Work-life balance

(a) Reducing long working hours and encouraging employees to take paid leave

In order to achieve a work-life balance, it is important to consider the health and lives of workers and to accommodate diverse working styles. We will strive to create a workplace that is "employee friendly" and "easy to take leave" by thoroughly managing to achieve appropriate working hours and promoting measures to encourage employees to take leave.

(b) Support for balancing child care, nursing care and medical treatment

It is necessary to establish a "structure" and a "workplace culture" in which employees can continue to work without worry even when there are restrictions on conditions such as working hours, place of work in order to raise children, provide nursing care, and receive medical treatment.
To this end, we will conduct educational activities to improve our employees’ understanding of the corporate systems and support measures implemented by the government.

(E) Revitalizing the workplace

(a) Create lateral connections and promote communication among employees

In order to encourage employees to work positively and energetically, and to increase their engagement and motivation with the company, we will create opportunities for employees to interact with each other through internal events and volunteer activities that transcend the barriers within the organization, and foster an open workplace culture.

Health and productivity indicators

Topic Indicators FY3/2023
<Indicators relating to the implementation of health investment measures>
Regular check-up
examination rate
100% Maintain
Stress check
examination rate
66.8% 80.0%
Specific health guidance
implementation rate
9.4% 26.0%
No. and rate of subsidized
uterine cancer screenings
311 (15.5%) 35.5% *Percentage-based target only,
as numbers have
yet to be determined.
No. and rate of subsidized
breast cancer screenings
185 (11.0%) 30.0% *Percentage-based target only,
as numbers have
yet to be determined.
<Indicators of change in attitude and behavior of employees>
Smoking rate (age 40+) 40.6% No more than
recent results
<Final health-related target indicators (excluding performance indicators)>
Ratio of employees maintaining
their appropriate weight (age 40+)
60.4% 61.8%
Ratio of employees maintaining
appropriate blood pressure (age 40+)
53.4% 54.8%

Health & Productivity Management Strategy Map

Health & Productivity Management Strategy Map

Check the KONOIKE Group Integrated Report 2023 here.

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