Message from President

Dedicated to Customer Safety and Service Quality KONOIKE Group: Trusted and Respected

Konoike Transport Co., Ltd. listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 15, 2013. In May 2020, we will celebrate another major milestone, our 140th year in business. On behalf of the KONOIKE Group, I want to express our appreciation for the patronage of our customers and the support of our stakeholders.

It seems like only yesterday I stood before 1,000 KONOIKE Group employees at the Osaka City Central Public Hall to observe our 130th anniversary. I recall clearly my emotions, thankful for the many customers, forebears, and families who have been so important in supporting our growth over the years. We have blazed the path forward, building a company worthy of the trust and love of our customers and stakeholders. Our growth is our way of repaying the support we have received.

Since that time, we have continued to enjoy the support of our shareholders and customers as we engage in mergers and acquisitions, major investments, and new business development, demonstrating growth worthy of a publicly traded company. Our growth has accelerated, driven by our core contract manufacturing business. We have also been aggressive in building our services contracting business (a growth sector in the Japanese economy), which includes airport-related business, and medical-related services business. We are also focused on creating new business opportunities. In our global business, we are forming equity tie-ups with local partners, making strategic investments, educating our employees, and training in safety and quality. These and other measures will help us reorganize and strengthen our operating bases, as well as expand the expertise (integrated contracting and logistics) and strengths (outstanding safety, quality, and productivity) developed in our domestic businesses to our operations overseas in the midst of challenging business conditions.

Meanwhile, the Japanese logistics industry is facing numerous social issues, not the least of which is a chronic labor shortage. In response, we built a switching center in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture, based on our unique methods and procedures. This switching center is a trial measure to improve the working conditions of our drivers, and it serves as an intermediate transportation system between the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan. Overseas, the country of India is building up its national rail transportation system as one measure to improve serious environmental pollution. In this country, we are making a serious entry into the rail container transportation industry. This is just one of the ways we continue to help address social issues in Japan and around the world.

However, some things must not be changed, even as we experience changes in the social environment and our own business structure. What are these things? They are our unshakeable commitment to safety and quality, built on experiences over more than 130 years that have formed the bedrock supporting the trust of our customers. Our most important task in maintaining safety and quality as we pursue further growth is to create a free and open environment for our employees, providing a true work style reform. Our Business Principle states that “We respect people”. This stance is more important than ever, driving us to revise our systems and structures with the understanding and cooperation of our customers.

Our path toward 2020 and further to 2030 leads to a limitless potential of corporate value growth for our group and our customers. Each employee in the KONOIKE Group is a profession committed to safety and quality, contributing to higher levels of customer value. We will continue to take on new and challenging endeavors to achieve our dreams, delivering happiness and peace of mind to our customers and shareholders. At the same time, we will transform the KONOIKE Group into an entity trusted and respected. I invite you to look for even greater things from the KONOIKE Group in the future.

Representative Director & President and Chief Executive Officer Tadahiko Konoike