Message from President

Valuing both people and relationships, innovating at the foundations of society, and creating new value

On this path that we have been walking for over 100 years and several decades since the founding of our company, we have a continuous history of placing importance on both people and relationships, supporting customer enterprises and social foundations, and working towards innovation. As a result, we have now grown beyond the logistics business evident from the meaning of our name, and have earned the trust of many customers in a wide range of business areas.

Even so, our commitment to on-site capabilities as our top priority, no matter what the business, remains unchanged. At the various sites at which we conduct our work, each person thinks of their family and friends and makes efforts to safely delivery high-quality services better than anyone else. One can observe a ceaseless effort to exceed, one step at a time, the expectations of our customers and society. At the Konoike Group, we aim to innovate daily and assemble individuals who perform their work with passion.

“Striving to go beyond expectations.” This is the thinking behind the Group’s shared brand promise, and represents the resolve of a Group that has worked to create a new era over more than a century.

Even as Japanese society undergoes changes on the order of the upheaval of its very foundations, the values that we have held up to now allow us to continue our role as an appealing corporate group that is truly trusted, loved, and valued enough to exist for another 100 years. Are we exceeding our customers’ expectations, even by just one step? Are we surpassing who we were yesterday? Harnessing the collective power of each person’s intense feelings, I would like to continue to provide an ever greater appeal that is unique to the Konoike Group.

With our listing in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2013, and the year 2020 marking 140 years since our founding, we turn the page toward new beginnings. Expect great things from the Konoike Group in the future.

Representative Director, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Tadahiko Konoike