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Konoike Transport, which leads the KONOIKE Group, proudly carries its name forward as a reminder of its origin as a logistics company at the time of its founding in 1880.

Through the Konoike spirit, the company now works to anticipate the needs of a society that is evolving daily, keeping an eye on the overall value chain of its customers. Through the consistent handling of not only the logistics processes but also the work to outsource production and service processes, Konoike provides unique solutions that create new, different kinds of value for society.

Our business concept, “Integrated Innovation,” seeks to provide support from the sidelines for quality manufacturing and hospitality, two proud aspects of Japan, throughout our customers’ production and service processes. Our concept involves the goal of integrating and optimizing the full value chain that includes related logistics processes, in order to accumulate improvements and give rise to innovative services. We will discover customer needs from a view of society as a whole, creating services that are intended to address societal issues through the knowledge and technologies we have accumulated within the group.

Our purpose is to support the core operations of our customers, realize further improvements demanded by the changing times, spur innovation toward the future, and continue to serve as a trusted partner. By combining the KONOIKE Group’s strengths in Integrated Innovation with new and advanced technologies and skills, we can provide a steady foundation to meet the flow of a society that is rapidly evolving.

Three strengths of the KONOIKE Group Three strengths of the KONOIKE Group


Support for the core operations of our customers and society

We understand new needs by looking at the full value chain for logistics processes and production and service processes, supporting our customers through manufacturing optimizations. From the knowledge and technologies that we have developed through the Konoike spirit, we create new services that support our customers through a feeling of hospitality.


Improvements and innovation in support of a changing society

The Konoike spirit is employed to anticipate new needs that go beyond the expectations and imagination of our customers and society. Based on our strengths in realizing improvements and innovations that have been developed step-by-step at many different sites, we aim to create a better foundation for society through the use of AI and digital transformation (DX) technologies.


A trusted partner

The feeling of trust, where operations at various different sites can be entrusted to us with peace of mind, is the essence of the Konoike spirit’s origins. Operating under stringent safety standards at all times, we continuously strive for even greater convenience and efficiency at our day-to-day work sites, which deepens the relationships we have with our customers and society.


Aiming to provide highly value-added services toward a new era,
with over 100 years of contracting experience in steelworks operations

For more than 100 years, we have contracted comprehensive operations from raw material acceptance to manufacturing processes, examination, packaging and delivery, supporting customers’ operations and Japan’s economic growth. We will strive to continue to flexibly respond to changes in the steel industry and aim to resolve customer issues by utilizing our field capabilities and new technologies.
Aiming to ensure the assignment of appropriate personnel who can cope with a change in customers’ production systems, we utilize cutting-edge technology to promote the digitalization of on-site operations focusing mainly on safety, quality, productivity, environment, and disaster prevention. In particular, to reduce workers’ physical strain such as hot conditions and heavily loaded activities, a long-standing problem, we jointly developed some equipment with a machinery maker, resulting in a significant achievement. We are also involved in large-scale repair and maintenance of manufacturing facilities in India, meeting growing steel demand across the Asian region, striving to make continuous contributions to customers on the stage of futuristic technologies such as electronic furnace and blast furnace hydrogen reduction toward a decarbonized society.


Engineering service that can actualize what is needed
with high technological quality.
Addressing new needs with diversifiedservice
by leveraging Konoike’s unique synergy

We provide unique engineering services based on our technological capabilities that we have cultivated for years at the work sites of a major steel manufacturer. Our services comprehensively include design, creation and processing from scratch for various types of plant equipment at our own factories, as well as installation and maintenance work. Not just providing high-quality products and services that actualize customer needs, we also help reduce total costs including maintenance costs.

In response to increasing demand for the future, such as upgrading and repairing plant equipment for decarbonization, we work to provide new value beyond the conventional framework to our customers within the Group in the chemical, gas and other industries. Taking advantage of Konoike’s unique synergy that can combine the existing contracting service with an engineering service, we aim to satisfy potential needs of customers and society as a provider of more diversified services.


Aiming for the safety and security of
and a sustainable environment by
in terms of personnel,
technology and networks

At a major food-related company, we undertake a wide range of operating procedures in production processes, ranging from business operations such as receiving and preparing raw materials as well as packaging, as well as conducting equipment inspections, to contribute to the optimization. Based on a mission to provide more safe and secure services, we contribute to solving customers’ major issues, reorganizing logistics, in a variety of ways including logistics digitalization such as with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated loading on trucks, as well as having a modal shift.

Furthermore, with our temperature-controlled logistics we have a nationwide network. Our refrigerated warehouse with one of the best capacities in the industry allows us to take advantage of our network that provides comprehensive value through storage, transportation and delivery, distribution processing, as well as a warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS) that operate them. Starting as a provider of a contracting service at the Philippine plant of a U.S. major consumer appliances manufacturer, we hope to develop Konoike’s business foundation to support domestic customers planning overseas expansion.


Undertaking a wide range of operating procedures in production
processes of a major domestic beverage manufacturer to assist in
operational optimization,
while flexibly responding to major environmental changes

Continue delivering a service for on-site safety and security of various supply chains including production based on 70 years of a trusting partnership with a major domestic beverage manufacturer. This is our mission. We are able to undertake a wide range of operating procedures in production processes, ranging from business operations such as receiving and preparing raw materials as well as packaging. By successfully optimizing the production sector, we aim to create the ideal environment for clients to focus on their core operations. We also conduct equipment inspections and propose improvements to a manufacturing line.

In enhanced horizontal cooperation between operating bases, we leverage our strength to develop business and utilize human resources through, for example, making proactive proposals on automation, streamlining, and operational improvement both internally and externally. We help raise customers’ service levels with our technical strength and mobility that allow us to respond to changes flexibly. In addition, leveraging our strength in facility maintenance skills cultivated in a group-wide effort, we work to expand the business area, for example, to maintenance operations of an equipment manufacturer and a beverage manufacturer.


A wide variety of operations that
bolster people’s
lives are supported by
Konoike’s B-to-B experts.

Our wide-ranging business includes contract operations of maintenance, construction and manufacturing at client plants of chemicals, gases, and housing facilities; storage and distribution of various materials, general apparel merchandise, and daily necessities; refurbishment of industrial air conditioners; provision of services related to solar power and other renewable energy; transportation of industrial gas tank trucks and machine tools; inspection and maintenance of imported automobiles; and manufacturing and sales of high-graded frozen fishery processed foodstuff, which bolster people’s lives and provide added value. We are always keen on finding customers’ needs and are one step ahead in providing services.

Many experienced professionals who hold various national certificates and specialized skills (meisters, etc.) quickly actualize clients’ needs as a proposal and realize convenience for the future that exceeds what customers and users imagine. This is Konoike’s strength. We always make improvements in the process to achieve stable production with quality control in the processes for manufacturing fine chemical products, and refurbish air conditioners at our several in-house plants, striving to provide new value that exceeds customers’ needs.


Contribute to raising medical quality and streamlining operations in
both Japan and the world by always refining the spirit to create

Konoike’s medical business involves services for medical institutions and those for medical-related manufacturers and wholesalers, making valuable social contributions. The services for medical institutions include cleaning and sterilization outsourcing of medical devices, contracting operations of in-hospital logistics, and operating room assistance, sales of various systems, as well as management assistance. For medical-related manufacturers and wholesalers, we design and operate logistics centers, and provide integrated logistics from transportation of specimens and regenerative medicine products and import of medical devices to product inspection, transportation and delivery, and maintenance of recycled medical devices.

For the services for medical institutions, as our superior infection management capabilities were appreciated, Konoike’s external sterilization center and in-hospital full-time staff are involved in cleaning and sterilizing medical equipment used within the hospitals, while giving support in response to the needs of medical institutions. Moreover, we entered a cleaning and maintenance business of rental medical devices for implant operations whose market has been growing under strict QMS management styles and provide safe and secure services. Konoike supports various types of logistics both inside and outside the hospital from a work site point of view. We will continue to enhance the relationships with stakeholders of the industry, contributing to the development and optimization of medical supply chains.


Konoike’s hospitality plays an important role in
maintaining and improving aeronautical quality

We provide ground support services at major airports in Japan, playing an important role in maintaining and improving aeronautical quality (in terms of safety, punctuality, reliability, and comfort) in mainly two operational areas: passenger handling and ground handling. We provide highly professional services utilizing the insights, skills, and spirit of hospitality that the Group has nurtured for a long time, to two large domestic airline companies, as well as foreign airline companies, airport companies, and passengers.

We also provide high value-added services from passenger information to baggage wrapping to prevent it from damage and theft, delivery and temporary storage services, and use our reception know-how to roll out various detailed services such as etiquette training for businesses, in order to cope with expanding operational volume at airports associated with a significant increase in inbound tourists.


Supporting customers’ challenges
on a global scale
with our profound insights and network for luggage forwarding

We provide strong support for customers’ overseas expansion with our know-how nurtured through maritime and air cargo forwarding. Our business area extends to import/export cargo warehousing, high-quality transportation of all types of cargo from fresh food to precision parts, plant transportation when constructing a plant outside Japan, as well as railway transportation of containers and automobiles in India, and intra-ASEAN cross-border transportation.

The KBX cloud service to support international logistics operations digitalizes industry-specific and cumbersome analog operations and online assists in all operations related to maritime and air export/import, providing customers with far greater convenience and productivity. We capture customer needs and their background that diversify day to day, and provide services that exceed their expectations.


Creating and providing more new
services that exceed
the expectations of society,
in the Indian market
with the world’s
highest growth potential

We are expanding and deepening our business in the Indian market where a significant increase in demand and high growth are expected, leveraging management resources within and outside the Group in a cross-sectional manner. Since opening the operating base in India in 2008, we have enhanced our market research and agency network and been involved in international forwarding operations through which we nurtured insights and skills in a Group-wide effort. We have also been involved in engineering operations including plant relocation, as well as railway transportation of containers and automobiles.

As for the medical business, we support the development of a database of medical materials, hospitals and doctors that may provide solutions to management systems and distribution infrastructure of India’s medical industry, and support Japanese companies entering the medical market in India based on a good relationship between the governments of Japan and India, as well as medical-related institutions in both countries.