Contracting services

We provide total support for clients in the medical and airport industries, from the contracting of production processes at clients’ factories in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing industry contracting

From production line operations to equipment inspection, we undertake in-factory production processes. We deploy expert and highly skilled staff in various departments to work with the client and support the optimization of their production department. We began onsite cargo handling and cargo transport operations in 1900. Utilizing our knowhow accumulated through our long experience and track record to achieve safety and high quality, we help to increase our clients’ productivity.

Service industry contracting

We provide total support for the various operations of clients in the medical and airport industries. For the medical industry, we offer comprehensive medical services that support patients and hospital management, such as integrated logistics from import to delivery of medical equipment, in-hospital logistics, specimen transport and sterilization outsourcing. For the airport industry, we offer widespread support at airports such as passenger handling (passenger services, flight services), ground handling (baggage and cargo loading and unloading, aircraft marshaling, aircraft cleanup services, in-flight meal loading) and air cargo handling.