Services for the food products industry

What supports the 70 years of a trusting partnership with a major domestic beverage manufacturer is Konoike’s large and skilled workforce with abundant expertise and technical competencies. We support the optimization of our customers' production divisions and contribute to the improvement of service levels by taking charge of all workflows in the product manufacturing process, including operations such as receiving and mixing of raw materials and packaging

Strengths of KONOIKE Group’s services for the food industry

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    We are trusted by major manufacturers and many other clients due to our track record of contracting in the food products field for more than 60 years.

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    We can conduct all contract work in production processes, from operations such as product preparation and packaging to equipment inspection.

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    Due to the strength of KONOIKE Group’s global network, we also have an extensive track record of operations from the disassembly of plant equipment overseas to its transportation, installation and test running. We can deal flexibly with clients’ overseas strategies.

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