Service Lineup

  • Steel


    For more than 100 years, Konoike has contracted comprehensive operations from raw material acceptance to manufacturing processes, examination, packaging and delivery at ironworks of major steel manufacturers. We have also been producing steel parts and components in our plants, supporting our customers' strategies to improve their corporate value. We will strive to flexibly respond to changes in the steel industry and aim to resolve issues by utilizing our on-site capabilities and new technologies.

  • Foods


    What supports the 70 years of a trusting partnership with a major domestic beverage manufacturer is Konoike’s large and skilled workforce with abundant expertise and technical competencies. We support the optimization of our customers' production divisions and contribute to the improvement of service levels by taking charge of all workflows in the product manufacturing process, including operations such as receiving and mixing of raw materials and packaging.

  • Engineering


    We provide a unique, integrated service composed of different solutions, including design, production, transportation, construction and maintenance, based on the technological capabilities we have cultivated over many years on work sites. Our group companies and production plants have professional engineers with extensive knowledge, and are the providers of non-destructive inspection and electrical instrumentation. These enable us to serve a wide range of customers beyond the industry.

  • Airport


    We provide ground support services at major airports in Japan, playing an important role in maintaining and improving aeronautical quality (in terms of safety, punctuality, reliability, and comfort) in two operational areas: passenger handling and ground handling. Leveraging the knowledge, skills, and spirit of hospitality that we have nurtured over many years, we provide various detailed services in different areas of the airport where the volume of work is growing.

  • Medical


    Konoike accommodates the various needs of medical institutions by providing services such as cleaning and sterilization of medical devices, contracting operations of in-hospital logistics, and operating room assistance. For medical wholesalers and manufacturers, we provide integrated logistics from the design and operation of logistics centers to transportation and delivery of specimens, regenerative medicine products, and medical devices. Moreover, we are also involved in the cleaning and maintenance business for rental medical equipment, thereby contributing to solving social issues.

  • Chemicals


    Konoike performs a wide range of contract operations from the production of chemical products to plant facility maintenance and construction, logistics, and manufacturing, helping our customers by utilizing our experience and know-how nurtured over 60 years. In the manufacturing process for fluororesin and other sensitive chemicals, we work together as a team to strictly clarify work procedures with micron-level quality control to prevent contamination by foreign substances. We also work toward making constant improvements in order to achieve stable production.

  • Domestic logistics

    Domestic logistics

    Utilizing our unique network of logistics bases across Japan, we provide optimal transportation modes to meet customer needs in a wide range of industries, including food, apparel, chemical, and housing-related industries. Having established multifunctional warehouses, such as distribution centers that can store items in the desired temperature range, in various locations, we provide smooth support from storage, and order receipt and placement to distribution processing depending on the logistic processes of different industries.

  • Global logistics

    Global logistics

    We provide strong support for the overseas expansion of our customers' businesses by making full use of our know-how cultivated through ocean and air freight forwarding operations. Our business area extends to import/export cargo warehousing, high-quality transportation of all types of cargo from fresh food to precision parts, plant transportation when constructing a plant outside Japan, as well as railway transportation of containers and automobiles in India.

  • Temperature-controlled logistics

    Temperature-controlled logistics

    With our track record and know-how accumulated over many years, we operate a nationwide network of temperature-controlled logistics that enables us to maintain the freshness and quality of foods and other goods that require strict temperature control. Our refrigerated warehouse with one of the best capacities in the industry allows us to take advantage of our network that provides comprehensive value through storage, transportation and delivery, distribution processing, as well as different systems such as a warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS) that operate them.

  • India


    We are expanding and furthering our business in the Indian market by leveraging management resources within and outside the Group in a cross-sectional manner. In addition to undertaking engineering operations and railway transportation of containers and automobiles, we support the development of a database of medical materials, hospitals and doctors that may provide solutions to management systems and distribution infrastructure of India’s medical industry, and support Japanese companies in entering the medical market in India.

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