Services for the steel industry

For more than 100 years, Konoike has contracted comprehensive operations from raw material acceptance to manufacturing processes, examination, packaging and delivery at ironworks of major steel manufacturers. We have also been producing steel parts and components in our plants, supporting our customers' strategies to improve their corporate value. We will strive to flexibly respond to changes in the steel industry and aim to resolve issues by utilizing our on-site capabilities and new technologies.

Strengths of KONOIKE Group’s services for the steel industry

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    We can conduct wide-ranging, complex contract operations in diverse processes in and outside production processing.

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    As well as processing, we make steel products and parts from scratch at our in-house plants. We offer reliable product quality with the knowhow we have cultivated at the plants of major steel makers.

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    We have established our own Perfect Recycling System technology for extracting and reusing valuable metals such as iron and zinc from industrial waste.

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