Services for the airport industry

We provide ground support services at major airports in Japan, playing an important role in maintaining and improving aeronautical quality (in terms of safety, punctuality, reliability, and comfort) in two operational areas: passenger handling and ground handling. Leveraging the knowledge, skills, and spirit of hospitality that we have nurtured over many years, we provide various detailed services in different areas of the airport where the volume of work is growing.

Strengths of KONOIKE Group’s services for the airport industry

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    We handle operations hospitably and professionally, from customer service at airport counters and lounges to operations control supporting safe movement.

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    We also unload, sort and tag export cargo in preparation for loading onto planes, and load it properly to prevent it from falling during a flight.

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    We provide wrapping services to prevent problems with passengers’ baggage such as damage or staining, and baggage delivery and temporary storage services.

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