Konoike Institute of Technology Innovation Center

Established in March 2021, the Konoike Institute of Technology Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as the “KITIC”) is an open innovation operating base intended to accelerate technological innovation at logistics sites. Its activities include development and trial introduction of leading-edge automation equipment, and demonstration of startup technologies in Japan as well as overseas.

Roles of the KITIC

  • 1.Conduct experiments and proof-of-concept tests

    Work sites of the KONOIKE Group which are investigating the use of new technologies will be recreated in the KITIC. The effectiveness and operation of new technologies will be verified before they are introduced, with the goal of introducing new technologies without causing work stoppages.

  • 2.Accelerate open innovation

    KONOIKE Group employees, customers, and new technology vendors gather at the KITIC to discuss and observe new technologies. In this way, we gain an understanding of new challenges and insights that will help us accelerate innovation.

  • 3.Technological innovation together with customers

    We will strive to inform customers of our initiatives for technological innovation so that we can provide the best possible service and performance in the future, and to serve as a trigger for collaborative projects with customers to make advancements in technological innovation.

Examples of initiatives

First demonstration of this type in Japan*1 for warehouse automation operations

Picking solution: Integrated by OSARO Inc.; AMRs: manufactured by inVia Robotics, Inc.

Coordination between picking robots and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), which can handle even products that are transparent, deformed, reflective, or irregular in shape, without a need to register products in advance.
Details of execution
  1. 1. An AMR moves to the shelf where an ordered item is stored.
  2. 2. The AMR collects a tote from the shelf and transports it to an area where picking robots are standing by.
  3. 3. A robot arm picks the ordered item from the tote.
  • *1.As of February 21, 2022, according to research by Konoike Transport and OSARO.

Demonstration of automated cage cart transport robot and control software

Manufactured by Topy Industries Limited; Control software by NEC Corporation.

An AMR positions under the cart to lift and transport the cart to a designated location, achieved through a variety of movements.
Details of execution
Confirmed effective method of operations to achieve smooth cart transport with a high degree of flexibility.

Demonstration of automated forklift for transporting pallets

Manufactured by ZMP Inc.

Automated forklifts that are simple to adopt and operate. Achieving smooth transport adapting to working conditions.
Details of execution
Verified the accuracy and safety of operation according to the conditions of various work areas in the warehouse; confirmed potential for simultaneous operation with other automated equipment.


Location 6F Tokyo Railgate WEST, 3-3-22 Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Floor Space 676.5 square meters
Opening Date March 3, 2021