Carna Medical Database Pvt. Ltd.

Building a New Medical Distribution Platform in India by Creating a Medical Supply Database.

India’s fast-growing economy has led to rapid growth in hospital construction and expectations of expanded demand for medical supplies. But hospitals in India presently procure and manage medical supplies (syringes, injection needles, catheters, etc.) using in-house nomenclature and codes, leading to frequent problems such as incorrect orders, delivery errors, out-of-stock inventory and overstocking. Based on the belief that uniform codes for medical supplies and a medical supply database will be vital to the future development of India’s medical industry, Konoike decided to establish the new company. The new company is named CARNA MEDICAL DATABASE PVT.LTD. In Roman mythology, Carna was the goddess of human health. The philosophy behind the new company’s establishment is to contribute to the development of India’s medical industry. The new company will establish a medical supply database and logistics network in India by combining years of Konoike Group expertise in providing medical related services to hospitals, pharmaceutical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical distributors in Japan with the advanced expertise of Medius Holdings Co., Ltd. in providing hospital medical supply database services.

Head office address Unit 518, 5th Floor MGF Metropolis Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Phone No. 91-124-430-9635
FAX No. 91-124-430-9637
President Hideki Otani
Incorporated November 13,2013
Employees 8
Capital Stock 200 million Indian rupees
Line of business
  • Establishment and distribution of a medical supply database
  • Establishment of a logistics network utilizing the medical supply database
  • Consultant services utilizing the medical supply database

For customers involved in medical equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, and hospital management in India『Database site of Indian medical products

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