Konoike-E Street, Inc.

Constantly Striving to Meet Customer Expectations

Located just a few miles from the Port of Los Angeles, Konoike-E Street, Inc., is situated in the overweight corridor, where shipment of overweight containers (up to a gross weight of 95,000 pounds) is allowed. This location is about a 10-minute drive south (toward the port) from Konoike-Pacific California, Inc. (KPC). With storage capacity for approximately 15,000 pallets, Konoike-E Street’s business operations involve the shipping and storage of meat, fruit, seafood, and other products. The company also has seven flash freezer rooms and offers rapid flash freezing services for seafood landed at the Port of Los Angeles as well as for fruit grown in the surrounding area, enabling it to meet a variety of customer needs. In a marketing collaboration with KPC, Konoike-E Street also offers services to large customers that KPC cannot handle alone due to a lack of space, achieving an effective synergy.

Konoike-E Street, Inc.
Head office address 901 East E Street, Wilmington, CA U.S.A.
Phone No. 1-310-233-7300
FAX No. 1-310-233-7305
President Richard Burke
Incorporated May 17, 2011
Line of business Shipping and storage of meat, fruit, seafood, and other products Flash freezing of fruit, seafood, and other products

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