CSR Vision

At Konoike Transport, our never-ending challenge is to contribute to people's happiness and a healthy future for the Earth.

The Konoike Transport Group looks at the big picture in pursuing environmental protection on a global scale. Every employee is actively involved in the effort to tackle environmental problems so that the entire company can contribute to sustainable economic development. We strive to maintain and improve all our environmental protection systems. All business activities are conducted with the goal of lessening environmental impact, reducing resource use, and saving energy, and we work to improve technologies and levels of performance to reduce our environmental footprint in daily work processes. We also ensure that our vehicles drive and operate in an energy-efficient manner. With the goal of ensuring that our business activities are environmentally friendly, we operate according to environmental management systems such as ISO 14001 and Japan's Green Management Certifications: preventing pollution, effectively using energy and resources, recycling, and reducing the amount of waste we generate. Through green purchasing, we are doing our part to create a zero-waste society. We are also raising environmental awareness among employees by providing education and training that encourage them to take the initiative in protecting the environment. Around the world, we are working to improve the environment not only through our business activities but also through close cooperation with local communities in support of environmental protection.

Representative Director, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Tadahiko Konoike