Service industry contracting

Wide-ranging support for clients in the medical and airport industries

We provide total support for the various operations of clients in the medical and airport industries. For the medical industry, we offer comprehensive medical services that support patients and hospital management, such as integrated logistics from import to delivery of medical equipment, in-hospital logistics, specimen transport and sterilization outsourcing. For the airport industry, we offer widespread support at airports such as passenger handling (passenger services, flight services), ground handling (baggage and cargo loading and unloading, aircraft marshaling, aircraft cleanup services, in-flight meal loading) and air cargo handling.

Advantages of Konoike Group’s service industry contracting

Entrusted with cleaning, maintenance and manufacture of specially controlled medical devices at nationwide centers

We have cleaning centers at five locations nationwide (Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, Fukuoka and Sapporo) where we clean specially controlled medical devices. As for medical device manufacturing services, we have various kinds of licenses* to provide manufacturing and processing services for highly reliable medical devices.

  • *(Licenses held Konoike Medical Co., Ltd.)
    Medical device manufacturing business, specially controlled medical device sales and leasing business, medical device repair business, cosmetics manufacturing business (License classification: packaging, display, storage), ISO 13485: 2003 acquired ... Tokyo Logistics Sales Office, Head Office
Handling operations hospitably and professionally, from customer service at airport counters and lounges to operations control supporting safe movement

Our hospitable, professional and knowledgeable staff provide services in a very supportive way, such as boarding procedures and baggage check-in at check-in counters, lounge operations, etc. They also contribute to safe and regular operations and support comfortable air travel through “flight support”, that is, providing flight path and weather information, managing arrival and departure procedures, etc., and “passenger desk operations” arranging things like seat numbers and in-flight meals.

Service lineup