Meeting client needs flexibly by preparing multifunctional warehouses throughout Japan and in countries worldwide

We operate chilled/frozen storage warehouses and dry storage warehouses not only throughout Japan but also overseas such in China, Southeast Asia, North America, etc. We also offer a one-stop distribution processing service to suit the product, including storage at the client’s desired temperature range. We achieve smooth logistics services by having multifunctional warehouses available that can meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Advantages of Konoike Group’s warehouses

Owning commercial warehouses and distribution centers throughout Japan

We own warehouses located at transport hubs nationwide, such as along major highways and Pacific coast areas. Having developed smooth one-stop distribution processing that includes not only storage but also packaging, goods checking, price tagging, etc., we can provide logistics services that meet client needs.

Supporting clients’ global business with focus on logistics facilities in China, Southeast Asia and North America

We operate warehouses in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and North America. We handle a wide range of items overseas too, from foods to chemical products and electronic components, and can flexibly meet client needs such as temperature control and distribution processing to suit each product.

Service lineup