Chilled/frozen Logistics in U.S.A.

Operating 3 distinctive chilled/frozen warehouses in suburban LA

Since 1995 we have rolled out our chilled/frozen warehouse business in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Originally we had just one facility, but since 2000 we have expanded our business and now operate three facilities. The oldest, Konoike-Pacific California, Inc. (KPC), is located within the Overweight zone* near both ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles, and has freight car sidings. We handle many import/export maritime containers there.

  • *Zone approved for the transportation of overweight containers

Service point

  • POINT1

    In addition to KPC, Konoike-E Street, Inc. (KES) is also located within the Overweight zone. It can store up to a total of 30,000 pallets there, and also owns a warehouse in the city suburbs that can store about 13,000 pallets.

  • POINT2

    One of our facilities, KPC, is conveniently located about 8km from both ports in Long Beach,and Los Angeles

  • POINT3

    At KPC, we have sidings that can handle a maximum of 18 freight cars at one time. We can also handle bulk transloading from freight cars to maritime containers.

Outline of Services


Storage and import/export of chilled/frozen foods

We operate chilled/frozen storage warehouses handling mainly food products at three facilities we own in the suburbs of Los Angeles. We provide integrated services including import/export and storage of chilled/frozen foods, onsite USDA (US Department of Agriculture) inspections of import/export items, rapid freezing, transportation and delivery to the outskirts of Los Angeles, etc. One of our facilities, KPC, is located about 8km from ports and we have utilized its favorable location to roll out our services.


KPC owns a temperature-controlled warehouse with about 20,000 m2 of warehouse space, the largest in the State of California. It is located in a favorable location about 8km from the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles, within the Overweight zone where overweight containers can be accepted. In addition to product storage and transloading from trucks to maritime containers, KPC can also carry out transloading from freight cars to maritime containers using railroad sidings within the premises.


This is a chilled/frozen storage warehouse located near KPC in the same Overweight zone. Its warehouse area is about 12,000 m2. As well as storage space for about 15,000 pallets, it has equipment for rapid freezing. Equipped with truck docks east and west of the warehouse, KES can conduct not only product storage but also transloading from trucks to maritime containers.


Located in the city of South Gate near Los Angeles, this is a chilled/frozen storage warehouse with a warehouse area of about 13,000pallets. Utilizing its position close to the city, it functions as a product storage facility for domestic logistics.