Temperature-controlled Logistics in Southeast Asia

High-quality temperature-controlled transport network based out of in-house temperature-controlled warehouses in Viet Nam and Thailand

We have rolled out temperature-controlled logistics services in Southeast Asian countries where Japanese companies are growing well. We have temperature-controlled warehouses in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and in Bangkok, Thailand. As well as transportation within Vietnam and Thailand, we provide extensive and high-quality temperature-controlled logistics services in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, etc.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We own temperature-controlled warehouses in Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok. We have created a safe storage system for food products etc. that can cope with different temperature ranges.

  • POINT2

    We deploy in-house refrigeration trucks and have established a transportation system to various countries in Southeast Asia. We can also handle mixed-load services.

  • POINT3

    As well as distribution processing such as labeling, we also provide added-value services such as weighing and displaying goods upon delivery.

Outline of Services

Temperature-controlled warehouse in Ho Chi Minh

We operate two warehouses that can perform temperature control to meet client needs. Our local subsidiary Anpha-AG Joint Stock Company has a high storage capacity of up to 21,500 pallets, ideal for large-lot import/export cargo. It is also the first temperature-controlled warehouse in Vietnam to have acquired HACCP*, SSOP** and GMP*** certification. It provides safe, secure services to clients.

  • * Internationally recognized hygiene management system for food products
  • ** Hygiene management related work procedures clarifying “when, where, who, what, how”
  • *** International product control and quality control standard recognized in various countries
  • Temperature-controlled warehouse in Bangkok

    We have a temperature-controlled warehouse that can support four temperature ranges: frozen (until-26℃), chilled (around+5℃), mid-range (+15-20℃) and ambient (until+25℃). Having introduced our warehouse management system KWMS*, we carry out accurate, speedy loading/unloading operations by location control using barcodes. As well as distribution processing including labeling and sorting, we also provide incidental services to meet client needs such as defrosting of frozen chilled items* before delivery.

  • * KWMS: Our in-house warehouse management system
  • ** Freeze-stored food products

  • High-level transportation quality

    Based out of the above temperature-controlled warehouses, we conduct smooth temperature-controlled delivery from cities to regions in various Southeast Asian countries. As well as our freezing and chilling functions, we bring together our knowhow as a logistics company, such as increasing the delivery accuracy of our in-house trucks equipped with GPS, in our pursuit of high-quality logistics.

    Cross-border Transportation in ASEAN Region

    The launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is expected to increase demand for chilled/frozen food products, as logistics are revitalized with the abolition of tariffs and the region’s emerging nations develop economically. In Southeast Asia, where such growth in regional logistical needs is forecast, utilizing temperature-controlled warehouses and refrigerator trucks, we have built a land transportation network in the ASEAN region