Passenger Handling

Support passenger process and airport operation at four domestic airports in Japan

We provide passenger handling services in airports, as passenger service agents at service counters and lounges, as well as assisting flight dispatching operations. Our staff, well trained with good knowledge and skills, support the various operations of airline companies with a spirit of hospitality.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We undertake contracts with domestic and international airlines. Our definitive goal is customers’ satisfaction always.

  • POINT2

    We handle requests from passengers from all over the world, at information counters and call center at Narita International Airport.

  • POINT3

    We transfer real time updated information of weather, facilities status at departure and arrival airports appropriately to the flight crew to support comfortable flight operations.

Outline of Services


Passenger services

We provide various services including airline tickets sales, check-in services, the provision of information at the boarding gate for departing flights, meeting passengers at the gate for arriving flights, checked baggage return, and the handling of various other inquiries. We also provide support for customers who need assistance with wheelchairs, strollers, etc. At Narita International Airport, we also offer information services within the airport on the behalf of airport management companies.

Lounge and customer services

We operate domestic and international lounges at Kansai International Airport and international lounges at Narita International Airport where allow passengers to relax prior to flights. We also provide departure and arrival information for VIP passengers.

Flight operation assistance

We support departure and arrival time keeping, arrangement of aircraft parking spot, and release flight route, weather, and other information require by flight crews.

Flight control assistance

We support flight controls at Kansai International Airport and Narita International Airport by coordinating a wide range of operations with related sections, such as seat arrangement and booking in-flight meals for departing flights of airlines we are contracted, and management for arriving flights.


Q Base airports for passenger services

Kansai International Airport(KIX), Tokyo International Airport (HND), Narita International Airport(NRT) and Naha Airport(OKA)

Q Number of airlines contracting for passenger handling services (passenger services, lounge services, flight services, flight control services)

Kansai International Airport(KIX): 24 companies, Tokyo International Airport(HND): 6 companies, Narita International Airport(NRT): 8 companies, Naha Airport(OKA): 4 companies (*as of July 2020)

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