Passenger Handling (Passenger Services, Flight Support)

Supporting passenger procedures and flight operations hospitably and professionally

We provide passenger handling services at airports, such as customer service at counters and lounges, flight support for managing plane flight operations, etc. Our highly knowledgeable and skilled staff fully support the various operations of airline companies.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We carry out boarding procedures and gate operations as well as customer service at counters and lounges. We provide hospitable, high-quality services.

  • POINT2

    We take charge of operations control that supports safe movement of aircraft. With accurate control by our highly experienced staff, we support regular flight operations.

  • POINT3

    We handle passenger desk operations, such as seating and in-flight meals. We collaborate with various departments to enable smooth flights.

Outline of Services


Passenger and Lounge Operations

We carry out ticket, boarding, and baggage check-in procedures at check-in counters, boarding gate guidance, lounge operations, etc. Our highly professional, knowledgeable and hospitable staff provide these services in a very supportive way.

Flight and Passenger Desk Operations

We contribute to safe and regular operations through “flight operations”, that is, providing flight path and weather information needed by pilots, managing arrival and departure procedures, etc., and “passenger desk operations” arranging things like seat allocation and in-flight meals. We support comfortable air travel.