Advanced Medical Device Cleaning Contract Service and Medical Device Manufacturing

Entrusted with cleaning, maintenance and manufacture of specially controlled medical devices at nationwide centers

We conduct outsourcing cleaning and maintenance of specially controlled medical devices. Based on our experience of starting outsourcing business for plastic surgery instruments, the first in Japan, we have opened cleaning centers in five locations nationwide. By having logistics functions in our centers too, we achieve efficient services that cover the collection, storage and delivery of medical devices. We also provide medical device manufacturing services.

Service point

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    The reassuring quality of our work is backed up by our long experience and various permits and licenses in the medical industry. At each center we appoint engineers to be responsible for medical devices.

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    By establishing these centers jointly with distribution centers, we provide everything trouble-free in one stop, from the collection and cleaning/maintenance of medical devices to their storage and delivery.

Outline of Services


Medical device cleaning and maintenance services

We have cleaning centers in five locations nationwide (Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, Fukuoka and Sapporo). In the course of their operations, our proficient staff soon reach an operational level of work quality that enables them to take on outsourcing.

Medical device etc. manufacturing services

We hold various licenses (see below) and provide highly reliable medical device manufacturing and processing services. We carry out production control and quality control based on our company’s QMS (Quality Management System). We also check received products for defects based on our product standard code.
Licenses held(Konoike Medical Co., Ltd.) Medical Equipment Manufacturing Specially Controlled Medical Devices Sale/Lease Medical Equipment Repair Cosmetics Manufacture (License categories: Packaging, Display, Storage) ISO 13485:2003 acquisition ... Tokyo Office, Head Office

Integrated services including logistics

By establishing logistics functions at each cleaning center, we can provide integrated services including transportation. Because our Tokyo center has air cargo facilities in the same location, it can provide a one-stop service including air transportation. From importing medical devices from overseas plants to delivering them to Japanese medical institutions, we can do it all from one office.


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