Cross-border Transportation in ASEAN Region

Construct a cross-border land transportation network in the ASEAN region

The launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is expected to increase demand for frozen/chilled food products, as logistics are revitalized with the abolition of tariffs and the region’s emerging nations develop economically. In Southeast Asia, where such growth in regional logistical needs is forecast, we are rolling out cross-border transportation services. We have set up storage facilities in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar and provide integrated services from customs clearance and storage to truck arrangement and transportation.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We were the first Japanese company to obtain a two-way entry license between Vietnam and Cambodia. This enables efficient transportation without the need for transloading at the border.

  • POINT2

    We own many refrigerator trucks locally. We can deliver three temperature ranges, dry/frozen, dry/chilled and chilled/frozen, in a wide area.

  • POINT3

    As well as operating warehouses within the Myanmar SEZ (Special Economic Zone), we also have in-house trucks. We have expanded our transportation between Thailand and Myanmar.

Outline of Services


Cross-border transportation between Vietnam and Cambodia

We have obtained a cross-border license (two-way entry license) between Vietnam and Cambodia. This enables us to provide high-level transportation quality of chilled/frozen foods etc. without the need for transloading at the border.

Owning temperature-controlled warehouses and refrigerator trucks in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia

In Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia we operate temperature-controlled warehouses that enable us to control temperatures to meet client needs. Our temperature-controlled warehouse on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand support four temperature ranges: frozen (until-26℃), chilled (around+5℃), mid-range (+15-20℃) and ambient (until+25℃). Utilizing temperature-controlled warehouses and refrigerator trucks, we have built a land transportation network in the ASEAN region.

Owning in-house warehouses and trucks in Thilawa SEZ, Myanmar

In Thilawa SEZ (Special Economic Zone), the first economic zone in Myanmar where 100% foreign funded business is recognized, we operate a bonded warehouse that allows distribution processing at ambient temperatures. Owning and using in-house trucks has also enabled us to extend our land transportation between Thailand and Myanmar.