Three-Party Trade

Utilizing our global network to support transportation overseas

We support transportation from client’s overseas bases to third-party countries. We provide a wide range of information about the condition of the mother ship during transportation, tariffs at the points of embarkation/arrival, and import/export systems as well as trade agreements in areas where Japan is not involved. We also provide integrated support from warehouse operations and buyers’ consolidation to store delivery, from overseas point of embarkation to point of arrival.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We help clients by providing detailed information, such as sharing information about trade agreements and points of embarkation and arrival, and checking shipping bookings and the condition of the mother ship.

  • POINT2

    Our highly experienced and knowledgeable specialist staff provide services that integrate safety, quality, and process management.

  • POINT3

    We propose ways of streamlining logistics and lowering costs, such as buyers consolidation, VMI* etc. This improves the convenience of transportation.
    *Vendor Managed Inventory

Outline of Services


Support for Three-Party Trade

We provide helpful information about tariffs at the points of embarkation and arrival, import systems, and trade agreements in which Japan is not involved. We also provide total support for various operations in three-party trade, such as checking shipping bookings at the point of embarkation, the state of the mother ship, and so on. Through our global network of local companies in North and Central America and Asia, we have built a complete support system at both the points of embarkation and arrival. We have rolled out integrated services from warehouse management at the point of embarkation to transportation and storage at the point of arrival.

Buyers consolidation

This is the collection and unification of many cargos in a warehouse at the point of embarkation. This enables streamlining such as greater speed and less cost compared with individual transportation. We utilize our global network to propose the optimum collection method according to the cargo situation and the client’s requirements.

VMI (Vendor-Managed inventory)

Based on the trust placed in us as the first Japanese transport company to receive a license, we carry out VMI* centered on Vietnam. We store materials etc. beforehand in warehouses and transport them quickly and safely to various regions as required. This lets us reduce the frequency of exports from Japan and respond to sudden procurement. At warehouses, we can closely read the inventory situation by our KWMS Warehouse Management System. This also helps us deal with additional production and reduce back-up stock.

  • *VMI: Vendor Managed Inventory