Steel Mill Logistics Operations

We handle integrated logistics services, from delivery management of raw materials to product shipment

We are responsible for diverse logistics services, including the acceptance and management of raw materials (iron ore, coal, etc.), inspections and packaging of the finished products, and loading at the port. We work hard to carry out stable operations based on thorough safety and quality management, always trying to optimize logistics so that our customers can concentrate on their production activities with peace of mind.

Service point

  • POINT1

    Heavy items are transported by diesel train between factories and processes. As part of this process, we handle the main artery for onsite transportation to key operations, including blast furnaces and converters.

  • POINT2

    We own special vehicles, including large dump transporters, and supply raw materials and semi-finished products to each production line in a safe and efficient way, using our highly experienced and qualified staff.

  • POINT3

    We practice thorough quality control for our products and carry out safe and reliable work in every area, from acceptance of raw materials to handling of production processes and dock loading.

Outline of Services


Environmental measures

We implement environmental measures, including sprinkling water to stop dust rising from onsite roads and raw materials yards, etc., and using vacuum trucks to clean all over the steel mill.

Equipment maintenance

We carry out installation and maintenance of the many different facilities used in the steel mill, including various types of equipment, cranes, and diesel trains, etc. We work to prevent problems from arising. This supports stable steel mill operation.

Vehicle maintenance

Our company handles everything from statutory inspections of vehicles to everyday repairs. We have appointed full-time mechanics, meaning we can respond quickly to any sudden malfunctioning issues.

Safety measures

We have installed drive recorders on all vehicles to encourage efforts to ensure transportation safety. We carry out thorough safety measures, including holding regular health checks for all drivers to detect sleep apnea syndrome.


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