Specimen transportation and advanced medical equipment transportation services

We offer tailor-made transportation program to customers under strict temperature and traceability control.

The Konoike Group has been supporting medical industry for more than 20 years, and its specimen transportation service has established a safe and secure collection and delivery system with dedicated staff. We have developed a special box for the transportation of advanced medical equipment including regenerative medical products, specimens, and investigational drugs, which require high traceability and temperature control. Our expert staffs provide professional specimen transport services.

Service point

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    Goods available for transportation
    In addition to general specimens, regenerative medicine products, and other infectious materials (UN3373, Category B), we also handle COVID-19 PCR specimens. We are engaged from major hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and testing companies throughout Japan.

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    Secure and Safe transportation quality
    We offer safe and secure pickup and delivery by trained and dedicated staff, and support with high-performance refrigerant and a dedicated box for seven temperature zones (-25°C to +18°C). We also offer our own temperature traceability system (tracing is also possible for air transportation). We use triple packaging specifications in accordance with the WHO’s Guidelines for the Safe Transport of Infectious Substances and Diagnostic Specimens.

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    Air transportation available, Japan nationwide coverage
    We offer tailor-made transportation services to fulfill any needs of our customers, whether they prioritize speed or costs. We offer transportation throughout Japan by air, truck, and sea multi modal.

Outline of Services


Professional transportation by dedicated staff

Specimen transportation differs from normal transportation in that it requires a high level of safety and strict temperature control. Our specimen transportation is handled by dedicated staff who have been trained and are familiar with product characteristics and operational procedures.

We can help if you need tailor-made transportation program!

Customers can choose the most suitable transportation plan to meet their needs.
(1) Speedy: Air transportation plan with a priority on lead time
(2) Low price: Reasonable plan in combination with consolidated shipment
(3) Chartered transportation: Flexible plan to meet your request
Arrange a program assessing and balancing cost, time, and the characteristics of specimens such as required temperature.

Extensive transportation records throughout Japan

We have offices all over Japan under the Konoike Group network. We support requests from major hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and testing companies throughout Japan nationwide.
[Track record of specimens transportation]

General specimensBlood, urine, stool, frozen ovum
Regenerative medical productsBio-ventures, knee cultured cartilage, epidermal cell sheets
Other specimensInfluenza specimens, chlamydia specimens, chlamydia antigen, mycoplasma antigen, pertussis and other antigens, COVID-19 PCR specimens

We also accept consultations and requests for deliveries related to investigational drugs, reagents, pathogens other than specified pathogens, specimens that require temperature control, regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, and cutting-edge medicine.

COVID-19 specimen transportation

Japan Airways Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Konoike Group, transports clinical specimens (PCR test specimens) for patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19.
Japan Airways Co., Ltd. is contained in the list of approved transporter by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases.
Approved transporters for clinical specimens of patients suspected of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) infection (as of August 21, 2020)
Link: Website of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases


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