Logistics and Distribution Processing of Promotional Goods

Integrated services (import/export, distribution processing, storage, delivery) for China-made promotional goods

We provide transportation and distribution processing services for promotional goods produced in China. We have rolled out integrated services including not only transportation, customs clearance, storage, and delivery operations but also third-party product inspections, needle detection, and set-up work. As well as having on-site product inspection workshops as in-house facilities, we also conduct visiting inspection services at clients’ designated plants. We have achieved the same high level of quality in our services in China as in Japan.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We ensure stable quality through our total services, from transportation to product inspection, from set-up work to final delivery. We provide flexible scheduling to meet clients’ requests.

  • POINT2

    We are also implementing visiting inspections at clients’ designated plants. We can handle visits to plants anywhere in China.

  • POINT3

    We have product inspection workshops that clear the strict standards of major drinks manufacturers and advertising companies. We achieve Japanese-level work quality in collaboration with our partner companies.

Outline of Services


Distribution processing in Chinese warehouses

At the warehouses of our Chinese local subsidiaries, we carry out distribution processing starting with product inspections and needle detection. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff try to improve the work quality. By providing clients with punctual daily work reports include image attachments, we share with them both our quality checks and our quality control before exporting. Also, by providing integrated services from transportation to distribution processing and import/export operations, we achieve flexibility of scheduling up until delivery and visualization of our work quality.

Dispatch work at clients’ plants

We dispatch our local staff to clients’ designated plants to conduct product inspections and needle detection. We can dispatch to plants anywhere in China. We always dispatch one or more QC managers* to each plant to be in charge of work quality.

  • *Staff handling quality control