Other Services Outside the Airport

We handle requests for services provided outside the airport

We offer a variety of services not just at the airport but also off the airport premises, including cleaning, management and training. Currently, we respond to requests from airport-related associated companies of the KONOIKE Group. However, we are also developing a cleaning service for outdoor facilities owned by Narita City in response to a request placed by Narita City, Chiba Prefecture. We also provide etiquette training for companies and schools.

Service point

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    We offer cleaning services for the welfare facilities and offices of airport-related associated companies of the KONOIKE Group. We carry out cleaning to match the users’ needs, with the aim of providing comfortable facilities.

  • POINT2

    We cut the grass at outdoor facilities owned by Narita City and airport-related associated companies. Our grass-cutting is carried out using machinery, with safety firmly in mind.

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    We provide etiquette training, making full use of our track record of experience in airport passenger services.

Outline of Services

Outline of Services

Cleaning service for onsite facilities

We carry out cleaning of welfare facilities owned by airport-related associated companies. We also offer facilities maintenance and utilities meter-reading at employee and student dormitories.

Outdoor cleaning services

We also carry out cleaning of the outdoor facilities of airport-related associated companies and facilities and parks owned by prefectural and municipal governments.

Uniform storage and management service

In response to a request from an airport-related associated company, we began handling the management of uniforms in office spaces. Currently, in response to requests from the KONOIKE group companies that provide passenger and guidance services at Narita Airport, we have taken responsibility for storing and managing approximately 500 lent uniforms.

Etiquette training for companies

We teach numerous companies the customer service knowhow we have cultivated through our airport-based passenger services, including counter check-ins, boarding procedures, and lounge services. We provide etiquette training in response to numerous requests, not just from companies but also from universities and technical schools.


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