Operating Room Assistance Services

Reducing the burden on medical staff such as nurses with in-depth, detailed services

We provide total support for efficient operating room operations by having specialized staff conduct incidental operating room operations such as preparing the equipment and materials to be used in surgery, setting up the operating room, and cleaning during and after surgeries, saving the efforts and energies of medical staff such as nurses.

Service point

  • POINT1

    Reducing the workload of medical staff such as nurses

    The efficiency of nursing operations is enhanced by having specialized staff conduct the pre-operative preparations and post-operative tasks conducted by medical staff such as nurses.

  • POINT2

    Leveraging our strengths as a company with nationwide operations

    We are able to make proposals and suggestions that incorporate initiatives for safety and quality and examples of improvements made at other hospitals.

  • POINT3

    Various system proposals

    We are able to propose services using a goods management system we developed ourselves.

Outline of Services

Operating Room Cleaning Services

Leave the cleaning to us. Reducing the burden placed on medical staff such as nurses will increase the time available for procedures, shortening the interval between surgeries, and increasing the number of surgeries conducted.

Medical Material / Drug / Sterilized Equipment / Linen Management Services

Leave the management of the various items in the operating room to us. Specialized staff will handle everything from picking to transport, storage, inventory taking, and expiration date management. In combination with our own system, we offer proposals and support not only for inventory management but also for cost control of operating room operations.

Pre-Operative Preparation Services

Leave the set up of equipment and devices and replenishment of items in surgical carts to us. Freed from pre-operative preparations, medical staff such as nurses will have less work in the dirty area and surgical efficiency will be enhanced.

Surgical Gowning Services (Gowning Technique)

Surgical gowning is conducted by specialized staff with thorough knowledge of “clean” and “dirty”. This reduces the burden on medical staff such as nurses, enabling them to focus more thoroughly on the procedure.


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