In-hospital Operation Contracting

Over 20 years of experience providing total support for various operations of hospitals

We provide total support combining multiple kinds of contract work, including unit operation contracting like sterilization outsourcing, operating theater assistance and in-hospital logistics management. With our knowhow from more than 20 years of involvement in the medical field, we view things from each hospital’s perspective and comply strictly with their ideas and rules. We always provide that little bit extra too, doing everything we can to solve problems together with hospitals.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We support operational streamlining with our sterilization outsourcing and operating theater assistance. With external sterilization centers at ten locations nationwide, we provide services to medical institutions all over the country.

  • POINT2

    Based on our track record of more than 20 years in in-hospital logistics design and contracting, we set up and help to run a distribution center function inside hospitals.

  • POINT3

    Being able to run all operations together, from medicine and medical device distribution to in-hospital contracting, enables us to provide total support to medical institutions.

Outline of Services


Sterilization outsourcing services

We can conduct outsourcing either inside or outside the hospital. Outside hospitals, we prepare AC and EOG2 type sterilization treatments. We conduct management and assess quality by equipment lot numbers. Inside hospitals, we propose the optimum methods according to the facilities.

Operating theater assistance services

We conduct incidental outsourcing operations such as preparation and setting of surgical tools, cleaning during and after surgery, etc.

In-hospital logistics management

We help to optimize in-hospital logistics by using a goods management system we developed ourselves. Our aim is to provide the best logistics structure through wide-ranging support such as overall in-hospital logistical flow design, logistics system engineering, etc. We can also conduct outsourcing operations using other companies’ systems.

Total operational improvement

By bundling in-hospital contracting as the starting point and also conducting operations outside hospitals such as order receipt and delivery of medicines and medical devices, we can analyze the overall operational flow. We utilize our experience in various medical operations to propose total operational improvements.


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