Ground Handling (Baggage and Cargo Loading & Unloading, Aircraft Marshaling, Aircraft Cleanup Services, In-flight Meal Loading)

Providing high-quality services that meet airline’s strict standards

We contract various ground handling operations in airports such as baggage and cargo loading and unloading, aircraft marshaling, aircraft cleanup services, and in-flight meal loading. We utilize our experience and knowhow from more than 20 years in airport operations to provide high-quality services.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We carry out baggage and cargo management and aircraft loading and unloading. We have utilized our logistics group expertise to roll out accurate and quick conveyance and loading.

  • POINT2

    We also handle ramp operations such as marshaling to guide aircraft that have landed to their correct position. We achieve appropriate navigation.

  • POINT3

    Within the limited amount of time before takeoff, we carry out aircraft cleanup, in-flight meal loading, and equipment set-up as well as check for any suspicious items.

Outline of Services


Baggage and cargo loading and unloading services

We load and unload clients’ baggage, air cargo and postal items to and from aircraft. We help to keep flight operations regular by working quickly, carefully and accurately. We are also in charge of operating, managing and maintaining the BHS (automated baggage handling system) installed at Kansai International Airport.

Aircraft marshaling services

We support ground navigation operations upon takeoff and landing (marshaling aircraft that have landed by guiding them to their correct position, pushback to push aircraft backwards, etc.)

Aircraft cleanup services

We carry out aircraft cleanup and equipment set-up. We carry out the work quickly within the limited amount of time before the next flight. We also search the cabin thoroughly for hazardous materials or suspicious items and conduct water supply and drainage in order to create a safe and comfortable in-flight space for passengers.

In-flight meal loading services

We use a special large truck to carry out in-flight meal loading/unloading and transport operations.