Facility Shipping One-stop Service

Integrated service from plant disassembly in Japan or overseas to transportation, installation and test running

We also conduct all the work involved in plant relocation, from the disassembly of plant equipment to its transportation, installation and test running. As well as plant relocation from Japan to overseas, we can also utilize Konoike Group’s global network to relocate between foreign countries, from an overseas base to a third-party country. Our highly experienced and skilled staff provide services with safety, quality, and process management.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We contract all work involved in plant relocation, from disassembly and transportation to installation and test running. We provide high-quality, safe and secure work.

  • POINT2

    Utilizing our global network, we have an extensive track record of operations from the disassembly of equipment to its transportation, installation and test running. This lets us respond flexibly to clients’ overseas strategies.

  • POINT3

    We also have a long track record in the transportation of ODA related infrastructure facilities and construction materials and machinery.

Outline of Services


One-stop services for facility relocation, from Japan to overseas or between overseas plants

We fully contract plant relocation from Japan to overseas as well as relocation between foreign plants. This enables us to read operational situations quickly. As well as providing high-quality services and safe, secure work, we also help to reduce costs. Utilizing our global network based in Southeast Asia and extending throughout the world including North America and Mexico, we support the relocation of plant facilities of various clients such as makers of automotive parts, steel and food products.

Transportation in ODA related business

We have also built up a track record in places such as Bhutan, Nepal, Tanzania and Myanmar in transportation in ODA related business accompanying infrastructure installation.


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