Domestic Engineering Services

Providing integrated services from manufacturing to plant installation, and maintenance

We have rolled out engineering services based on our technical strength developed over many years in steelwork contract operations. From the design of various plant machinery and equipment to manufacturing and processing followed by installation and maintenance, we provide integrated services. As well as the high quality of products and services, we help to reduce total costs from design and manufacture to maintenance.

Service point

  • POINT1

    As well as processing, we make steel products and parts from scratch at our in-house plants. We offer reliable product quality with the knowhow we have cultivated at the plants of major steel makers.

  • POINT2

    We smoothly conduct integrated contract work, from the transportation of steel products to plant installation and disassembly. The many construction industry licenses we have obtained guarantee the quality of our work.

  • POINT3

    After installation we also take charge of management, maintenance and safety work. Our highly experienced and skilled staff provide top-quality services.

Outline of Services

Efficient integrated services

We provide integrated services from design and manufacturing to transport, plant installation, and then regular maintenance. We respond flexibly according to requirements such as detailed scheduling, installation work according to product features, etc.

Manufacture and processing of products and parts

Mainly in the steel field, we conduct the manufacture and processing of products and parts such as plant machinery and equipment, steel structures, etc. at in-house plants or affiliated plants. We handle the design too. After product manufacturing, we also carry out transport to the client’s designated location.

Plant installation work

We install our produced items such as plant machinery on site, according to requirements. For drainage related equipment, we can carry out plumbing work as well.

Maintenance of facilities

After installation, we also take care of regular maintenance and conservation work. Through strict inspection control, we investigate equipment thoroughly for abnormalities.


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