One-stop services for the EC industry

Handling in one-stop, from overseas plants to store delivery in Japan, including distribution processing

We handle everything in one stop, from storage of products in overseas clients’ plants to the distribution processes of product inspection and needle detection and delivery to stores all over Japan. We support the SPA* strategy of clients expanding in the whole EC industry, with a focus on the apparel field. We also own a dedicated center specializing in EX logistics in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture. With various facilities such as a merchandise photography studio, we provide a one-stop service 24-hours a day, 365 days a year based out of the center. Concentrating various operations in one location leads to shorter times and reduced costs.

  • *SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel): Manufacturing-type retailing model that includes everything from product design to sale.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We have installed a photography studio in the center. Our EC Fulfill function can complete all tasks required for uploading to an EC site such as merchandise photography, measuring etc. in one place.

  • POINT2

    Our Factory function can carry out product inspections, x-ray inspections, and product repairs such as machine stitching and stain removal in the center.

  • POINT3

    Being equipped with air-conditioning means we can store leather goods etc. We also have a BCP* system in case of natural disaster, including solar power generation, large in-house power generators, etc.
    *BCP: Business Continuity Plan for emergency situations such as earthquakes, etc.

Outline of Services


EC Fulfill function

At our dedicated center specializing in EC logistics, we have installed a studio for photographing merchandise and models. We can complete all tasks required for uploading to an EC site in the center. We can also offer flexible support when the seasons change or when a new product is released.

Factory function

We can handle everything from inspections to repairs of clothing and miscellaneous goods at the center. We deal with various retouching including rips, dirt, color unevenness, print errors, wrinkles, stains, etc. By cooperation with our overseas bases, we can offer the whole process in one stop, from product inspections overseas to needle detection, x-ray inspections, product repairs, and delivery in Japan.

Air-conditioning function & BCP function

Our center has air-conditioning equipment that allows us to store leather goods etc. that are sensitive to temperature and humidity. With solar power generation, in-house power generators, and power-saving lighting, the center has a BCP system that can keep equipment operating normally even in the event of a disaster.


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