Chemical plant contracting operations

From chemical product production to facility safety, we help clients with our 60 years plus of experience and knowhow

We have conducted wide-ranging contract operations at chemical product plants for more than 60 years, including facility maintenance construction, logistics and manufacturing. Particularly in manufacturing processes, we carry out thorough quality control to the micron level in order to prevent contamination of fluororesin chemical products, quality control of which is challenging. To achieve the level of quality expected by our clients, we focus on the creation of our own manuals and on everyday improvement activities.

Service point

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    We conduct a wide range of contract operations, such as facility maintenance and inspection work, logistics, manufacturing, etc. With over 60 years of knowhow, we help to create an environment in which clients can focus on their core operations.

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    We clarify each operational step in our strict Operation Standards. We also focus on everyday improvement activities to achieve a high level of quality.

Outline of Services

Chemical plant contracting operations

These include “operational work” of special incinerators to incinerate exhaust gas and drainage, “inspection work” of materials and products using inspection facility, “material receiving/product shipping work” using transport machinery such as forklifts, “operational control work” of fluororesin manufacturing facility, etc. We conduct various kinds of contract work in plants.

Making efforts to improve quality

We make various efforts to improve quality, such as creating our Group’s strict Operation Standards, and conducting everyday improvement activities. Because quality control of chemical products is difficult, and they sometimes require quality control to the micron level, we have created an operation system that is really reassuring for clients.

Client’s voice: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

We are completely entrusted with the chemical product manufacturing processes at two plants in Kashima and Yodogawa. Among all the products we handle, fluorine based ones differ in character from the others and require the most expertise and knowhow. There are some difficult operations too in which we handle poisonous and dangerous substances. Even under these conditions, Konoike Transport has a firm grasp of our business situation and work processes and, while ensuring safety, contributes to our operations as a central presence among our partner company. Going forward, we hope to continue working together in our monozukuri so that our company can keep playing an active role globally.


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