Air Cargo Handling

Handling international air cargo quickly, carefully, accurately

We carry out various operations in the handling of import and export cargo, including temporary storage, sorting and loading, and unpacking. Even for cargo that requires sensitive handling such as precision equipment and electronic devices, our proficient staff provide safe, high-quality services. We help to keep flight operations regular by working quickly, carefully and accurately.

Service point

  • POINT1

    We also unload, sort and tag export cargo in preparation for loading onto planes, and load it properly to prevent it from falling during a flight.

  • POINT2

    When import cargo arrives we carry it into storage sheds. We unpack and store it before proceeding safely and quickly on to the next transportation step.

  • POINT3

    Our highly knowledgeable and professional staff can also deal appropriately with special cargo that is difficult to handle, such as precision equipment.

Outline of Services

Storage, sorting, preparation and loading of export cargo

We conduct detailed preparations of temporarily stored export cargo, loading it onto dedicated container pallets and then weighing and tagging it. Our skilled staff conduct loading according to an optimal plan that takes into account the loading method and weight balance so as not to hinder flight operations.

Carrying, unpacking and storage of import cargo

After import cargo arrives, we carry it from the aircraft into sheds. We deal with everything from unpacking and sorting to storage. We are familiar with handling small as well as large cargo, even heavy items weighing over three tons. Our highly knowledgeable staff carry out the work.

Cargo carrying operations

We use dedicated vehicles called dollies to transport cargo when planes take off and land. We ensure the safety of cargo and help to keep flight operations regular by handling cargo quickly, carefully and accurately.