Domestic logistics

Providing logistics services with multifunctional warehouses throughout Japan and comprehensive transportation and delivery network

We have rolled out distribution centers nationwide supporting at the client's desired temperature range. Having established multifunctional warehouses in response to client needs, we provide smooth support from transport, storage and ordering to distribution processing depending on the logistic processes of different industries. Recently, we are also making efforts to maintain stable transport in the face of a serious shortage of drivers and calls for compliance.

Advantages of Konoike Group’s domestic logistics

Can transport to all areas via our expansive nationwide network

We use warehouses as bases to transport various goods throughout the country. We have a wide range of business partners, such as food product makers, supermarkets, convenience stores, machinery and housing makers, apparel makers, etc. We offer the optimal transportation mode to meet each client’s needs. We can also handle transportation that is only one-way.

Owning commercial warehouses and distribution centers throughout Japan

We own warehouses located at transport hubs nationwide, such as along major highways and Pacific coast areas. Working closely with the transport sector, such as by establishing cargo terminals next to major airports at Chitose, Narita, Haneda, Osaka and Fukuoka, enables us to provide optimal logistics services.

Service lineup