Group Company “SHINE Co., Ltd.”

From April 2022, SHINE Co., Ltd., a company under joint investment by our company and RPA Holdings, Inc., has been providing the “Digipass” service which can convert all types of paper forms, such as delivery slips, inspection documents, and sales slips, into data, at logistics sites and other locations.

“Digipass,” a service to digitize paper forms

At logistics sites, it is common for many paper forms to be exchanged in the course of cargo delivery and shipping operations, so reducing the workload of applicable personnel and improving productivity is becoming an urgent issue. As a practical solution to this paper-based culture, a situation which cannot be resolved by our own efforts alone due to structural elements of the logistics industry, image recognition technology such as AI-OCR is in actuality being used to digitally read paper forms and convert them into text. However, achieving 100% recognition accuracy is theoretically impossible even with the use of advanced technology, so confirmation and correction by humans is essential, so this cannot achieve fundamental improvements in efficiency. In addition, because expensive cloud services are the mainstream when using AI-OCR, it has an issue of low cost-effectiveness for use at logistics company sites. Digipass is a one-stop service that combines AI-OCR with confirmation and correction by humans, which was developed with the concept of solving such issues involving operations and cost, assisting in reducing the workload of customers, and improving productivity while contributing to surplus production.

Specifically, with this service the scanned data of paper forms sent by customers is read by AI-OCR, operators at Shine confirm and correct the results of the recognition process, finalizing the data, then it is returned to the customer.


Head office address 3-8-8 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
Incorporated January 11, 2022