International Logistics Cloud Service “KBX”

KBX is an international logistics cloud service that allows customers to arrange for sea and air transport, receive quotations, check progress, and complete arrangements via the Internet and chat.


Improving Convenience and Productivity in International Logistics Operations

KBX is a comprehensive international logistics cloud service that provides online support for the complete work flow related to export and import operations, (1) requesting for transport service, (2) quotations, (3) checking progress, and (4) completing orders, via the web and chat.

Services to be Provided

[Ordering via the web]Complete flow online from quotation to order [Data management]Organization of transactions in lists, All data and documents stored in the cloud [Chat]Chat function for each transaction, Easy to make inquiries [Progress management]Visualization of progress for quotations & orders


  • The system ensures security through device authentication to prevent unauthorized access and data management in a customer-specific “My Page”
  • All procedures from export and import quotations to ordering can be completed online
  • Customers can chat with our company operator for simple inquiries on each transaction
  • Visualization of quotation & order progress with use of status bars

Inquiries about KBX

Please contact us at the following URL. The KBX Project Promotion Team will get back to you.